Are your costs under control for fleet insurance, fuel, service, and maintenance?

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Is your headache managing those costs, driver behaviour, or both?
What about:

•  Your drivers’ parking fines and speeding alerts?
•  Efficiency through delivery schedules, and customer ETA updates?
•  Business and private mileage accountability?
•  Are driving styles adding to accidents or unnecessary, additional service and maintenance costs?

Fleetinsight Video Telematics, the eyes and ears of your fleet

Our highly experienced developers have designed an innovative new software platform to power the Fi3000 Video Telematics Camera. It’s all there in this clever little device, video, still images, driver behaviour, alerts and live tracking.

fleetinsight video telematics

Fleetinsight has all the tools you need to manage your fleet operations

Real-Time GPS Tracking
with live audio alerts to track precise locations and find nearest drivers.


Dynamic Reporting
driver efficiency, vehicle emissions, cost and risk reports.


Record Expenses
Accurately record genuine business mileage. Use the App to capture receipts.


Driver safety and reporting features to help your fleet comply with FORS.


360 Vision
Camera systems to improve driver safety, reduce liability and increase security.


Route Replay
Plan routes more efficiently to save time, reduce fuel costs and improve delivery times.

When you invest in vehicle tracking you need more than just technology. Fleetinsight gives you the support and customer service to help you achieve your business goals.

Why Use Fleetinsight Vehicle Tracking

  • Cuts fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reduces accidents
  • Lowers insurance risk
  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Automates mileage expenses
  • Helps you to better manage day to day operations

Fleetinsight Features

We’ve designed and developed these great products here in the UK for you. Our team can build in additional features and functionality unique to your business.

  • Real-time Tracking 24/7 with live Audio Feed
  • POI’s & Geo-fencing
  • Route Replay
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Custom Software Options
  • Driver Behaviour Analysis
  • Mileage Capture with Mobile App
  • Speeding & Driver Performance
  • UNIQUE Plug & Play Option
  • Managed Services with Bespoke Reporting

If you’re looking for a partner not a supplier, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us now to discover how our expertise could bring real benefits to your business operations. email

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