20 mph zones – are your drivers geared for them? – an accident waiting to happen?

20mphDriving around familiar suburban roads where the speed limit has been dropped to 20 mph can catch you by surprise.
The Department for Transport reports that almost 12,000 miles of roads in the main cities have been converted into 20 mph zones. And the number is growing by 25% each year. (Times, 8 October).
Local councils and Road safety groups are pushing for 20 mph to be the default limit in built-up areas.
• Last year, 2,500 drivers were fined and lost points in 20 mph zones in Bristol alone.
• The AA maintains that cars still travel at 25 mph in 20 mph zones and 47% drive faster still.
• It all points to responsible fleet management – route planning and ETA timings.
• It matters – your drivers need guidance as to how and where they’re driving.

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