Need a tracking system that grows with your business?

Are your fleet costs under control? As your business grows do you know exactly which costs are rising and why?


What you can’t see, you can’t manage.

  • Insurance claims pushing up premiums
  • Damage to vehicles from driver knocks and bumps
  • Business and private mileage accountability
  • Driving styles adding to accidents and maintenance costs
  • Poor route choice or unauthorised journeys
  • Your drivers’ parking and speeding fines

Fleetinsight grows with your business, helping you to identify and manage your fleet costs. From day one your business is guaranteed to reduce risk, increase fuel efficiency and improve driver behaviour.

There are plenty of ‘off the shelf’ and ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ kinds of tracking systems but that’s not the way we do things. You need a partner that can grow with your business. Fleetinsight has special features for dynamic reporting and compliance that give you edge over your competitors. We write our own software – so if you want customisation you can have it the way you want it.

Fleetinsight Real-Time GPS Tracking with live audio alerts allows you to track precise locations and find nearest drivers. Dynamic Reporting puts you in control of driver efficiency and vehicle emissions. Driver Behaviour and Safety reporting can help your fleet to comply with FORS.

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20 mph zones – are your drivers geared for them? – an accident waiting to happen?

20mphDriving around familiar suburban roads where the speed limit has been dropped to 20 mph can catch you by surprise.
The Department for Transport reports that almost 12,000 miles of roads in the main cities have been converted into 20 mph zones. And the number is growing by 25% each year. (Times, 8 October).
Local councils and Road safety groups are pushing for 20 mph to be the default limit in built-up areas.
• Last year, 2,500 drivers were fined and lost points in 20 mph zones in Bristol alone.
• The AA maintains that cars still travel at 25 mph in 20 mph zones and 47% drive faster still.
• It all points to responsible fleet management – route planning and ETA timings.
• It matters – your drivers need guidance as to how and where they’re driving.

Fleetinsight will help you to reduce risk, improve driver behaviour and increase fuel efficiency. To Find out more or request a demonstration cal 01420 544514.

Tracking Around the Track

new renault image

With the all-new Renault Mégane taking centre stage, Fleetinsight was commissioned as vehicle tracking partner for the Renault Range Roadshow by automotive brand engagement consultancy Fusion Events.
The Roadshows were designed to give drivers the opportunity to test drive the new Renault range unaccompanied, or on-track with a professional instructor. For insurance and risk management purposes, all vehicles were tracked by Fleetinsight with geo-fencing and speeding alerts set up to ensure that instructors could monitor the movements and speed of every vehicle in real-time.
Guests experienced the full Renault car range – on and off-track – and also had the opportunity to put the Renault Kadjar and Captur crossovers, Clio Supermini, Twingo City Car and the 100 per cent electric ZOE Supermini through their paces.
To celebrate over 115 years of Renault in motorsport, the Renault R30 2010 Formula 1 car was on static display at each event. Attendees also entered a competition to win a thrilling passenger ride with Renault Sport Formula One Team driver Jolyon Palmer.
Alex Ralls, Senior Production Manager said “The Fleetinsight system worked perfectly and had some great engagement from both the client and customers.”

The Roadshows took place at:
Dunsfold Aerodrome on 6-7 August
Croft Motor Circuit, Darlington on 13 August
Rockingham Motor Speedway, Corby on 20-21 August
Knockhill Circuit, Dunfermline on 27-28 August

Let us know if you’d like us to keep you posted for next year’s events.

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The Greenest Greengrocer installs Fleetinsight into electric vehicle fleet.

fruit4london_fleetinsightFruit 4 London, a fruit delivery company based in East London, have become the first electric vehicle fleet in the UK to implement Fleetinsight plug and play telematics.

Fleetinsight Keeps EV fleet deliveries on track
Fruit 4 London specialises in the delivery of fresh fruit to offices and private customers around the central London area running a fleet of EV’s which are used for multiple journeys between 5am and 11am, the vans are driven by more than one driver and cover up to 12,000 miles per year.
The company recognised that efficient route scheduling would play a pivotal role in ensuring that their drivers were able to drive any vehicle on any route on a daily basis. Fleetinsight allows drivers to access accurate information about shared and unfamiliar routes, enabling them to keep to tight delivery schedules. Optimising routes has reduced journey times and also enabled Fruit 4 London to operate a small and flexible workforce to maximise productivity of their electric fleet.

The time is ripe for green vehicles
Fruit 4 London worked with the Energy Saving Trust to establish whether there was a viable business case to go 100% electric. The life cost analysis shows that lower running costs, 100% capital allowances, the plug-in vehicle grant and no congestion charge in London for EV’s all add up to make them far more cost effective than a diesel equivalent for Fruit 4 London. Fleetinsight’s compatibility with EV’s would also help to maximise vehicle efficiency, reduce journey times and improve delivery.

Driver behaviour helping to maximise battery efficiency
Fleetinsight has allowed Fruit 4 London to monitor the running costs of the vehicles through driver behaviour analysis, ensuring that future cost savings will be even greater. Harsh breaking and excessive speed are driving styles that have an impact on battery performance. Fleetinsight’s reporting features are helping Fruit 4 London to identify and modify driver behaviour to optimise battery usage wherever these situations exist.

Locating vehicles to improve customer service
With numerous time-sensitive deliveries all over London, it is key for Fruit 4 London to be able to pinpoint where each vehicle is at any time of the day. Geo-fencing and Points of Interest (POI) features give Instant notification when vehicles arrive at and leave a destination and allows the fleet manager to re-route a vehicle if necessary. This helps to maintain delivery times and improve
customer service.

On the road to success
“At Fruit 4 London we aim to find innovative and sustainable solutions to help us improve our operations and provide the best service for our customers. After taking part in Energy Saving Trust’s Plugged-in Fleets Initiative and by installing Fleetinsight to measure and monitor the fleet, we now know that it’s been the best business decision to go 100% electric. The impressive cost savings that we have experienced has allowed us to expand our fleet and offer more competitive pricing to our customers.”
Gabor Doroghazi, Marketing Director, Fruit 4 London.

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Fleetinsight Track Renault Range Roadshow at Donington Park

renault montageFleetinsight have been commissioned as vehicle tracking partner for the Renault Range Roadshow by automotive brand engagement consultancy Fusion Events.

This weekend’s Roadshow, which took place at Donington Park, kicks off the first of five events taking place at racing circuits around the UK throughout July and August.

The events are designed to give drivers the opportunity to test drive the new Renault range unaccompanied, or on-track with a professional instructor. For insurance and risk management purposes, all vehicles are being tracked by Fleetinsight with geo- fencing and speeding alerts set up to ensure that instructors can monitor the movements and speed of every unaccompanied vehicle in real-time.

Alex Ralls, Senior Production Manager said “the system worked perfectly over the weekend and got some great engagement from both the client and customers”.

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FTA members Brexit wish lists include single market access and hiring non-UK drivers

Brexit priorities for the Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) international haulage members include tariff-free access to the single market and the ability to hire non-UK drivers, according to a new survey.

Chris Yarsley, FTA’s EU affairs manager, said: “With the UK’s current driver shortage, it’s no surprise that labour mobility issues are at the forefront of international transport businesses minds and this is certainly something FTA will be pressing the Government to prioritise this when the negotiations begin. Read the full Fleet News story

New Advisory Fuel Rates June 2016

HMRC has revised its advisory fuel rates (AFRs) upwards, to take effect from 1st June 2016.

Rates for diesel-powered vehicles below 1600cc and above 2000cc have increased by one pence per mile. Petrol bands for vehicles above 1400cc have also increased by one pence per mile.

For full information visit the HMRC website

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Fleetinsight track courageous Scumrunners

Fleetinsight are the official vehicle tracking partner for Winner Group.  We are proud to be supporting – and tracking, Dave and Matt as they take part in the Scumrun 2016 European charity rally. The team will undertake a 3,000 mile journey across Europe in a car costing no more than £500. We wish them both the best of luck!


Over the years, participants in the event have helped raise more than £800,000.00 for UK children’s charities. Lee Austin, General Manager at Winner Group said “As our courageous Scumrunners set off on their journey around Europe we will be keeping tabs on them with a top quality tracking system supplied by our friends at Fleetinsight who have kindly let us use their system to follow Dave and Matt on their travels. check out their website for what they have to offer”

Fleetinsight – the next generation in fleet tracking and mileage management




Scumrun – Europe’s premier charity rally:
Winner Group are award winning specialists in the equipment hire industry with a network across the UK

Fleetinsight develop bespoke POD system for finished vehicle delivery specialist


Fleetinsight have created a bespoke POD (Proof of Delivery) System for DF Services, a nationwide vehicle transport and logistics organisation with an established reputation in the finished vehicle delivery market distributing well-known automotive brands such as Subaru and Honda to dealerships across the UK and Europe.

DF Services is a trusted delivery partner, but the organisation is always aware of the need to provide a consistent, high quality service to compete in the highly competitive world of finished vehicle logistics. The company recognised that development of a bespoke POD system would be instrumental in helping the company to and maintain deliver their objectives. Fleetinsight have successfully developed  a secure, accurate and cost-effective system which allows DF Services to notify customers of the status of their assets at any time during the dispatch and delivery process.

A fully integrated, cost-effective POD system
The POD system has full integration into the company’s back office management system and satisfies all their legal and compliance requirements. It is fully automatic with electronic data capture, and requires no additional hardware or intervention by the driver. The POD system integrates with the existing DF Services back-office to extract and send data during the dispatch and delivery process.

Real-time status of all deliveries any time, anywhere
By using the exact location of the vehicle transporter when it arrives at the distributor, the system verifies that the lorry is fully loaded, in this case with seven vehicles, and on the road. On arrival at the dealership, the system confirms vehicles have been delivered to the correct destination and that the transporter is en-route to the next dealership.

The system requires no cameras or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), which eliminates extra man hours spent scanning. The system is fully scalable and is able to track and monitor the dispatch and delivery of thousands of items making it an attractive alternative to other POD and ePOD systems which often require additional hardware and can be costly to implement.

Craig Arthur, Transport Quality Manager commented, “Fleetinsight’s integration of asset dispatch and delivery data into our customer’s back-end systems ensures that we are now able to give our dealer networks real-time status of their vehicle deliveries”.

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