Customer Insight: Bizzy Bee General Maintenance

 bizzy bee and fleetinsight

Bizzy Bee and Fleetinsight are a great partnership

“At Bizzy Bee General Maintenance, we offer maintenance to landlords and private companies. We’re very proud of our brand and all our vans are logo’d, so our company is right ‘out there’ in the public eye, and we’re very keen that our drivers show off our brand to best advantage at all times. That’s why Fleetinsight helps us to keep an eye on our fleet.

There is no doubt that Fleetinsight keeps our drivers aware of speeding and careful driving, but it also helps us in very practical ways, too. We always know when our vans are on and off site. Our clients would soon kick-off if we weren’t on site when we said. It’s a bit like having an audit trail, really.

Bizzy Bee is the only company we know to offer a 24/7 service in our type of business. It’s imperative we know who is where and for how long so that we can always demonstrate the facts to clients when it comes to invoicing.
While drivers may use the vans out of hours, neither we nor they consider that they are being ‘spied on’. We all need to know how the fleet is being used, where it is at all times so we can respond to urgent issues, day and night. The team is fine with that; it’s in their interests to be monitored, after all.

We have been able to disprove a claim for one of the guys speeding using Fleetinsight technology where the speed camera was wrongly set. (That could have pushed a driver over his points mark!)
My father was penalised when it was alleged he was in Salisbury but we were able to prove that he was in Southampton at the time. Bizzy Bee and Fleetinsight is a great partnership!”

Tom Waite, Director, Bizzy Bee General Maintenance.

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