Customer Insight: United Insulations


“With Fleetinsight’s route efficiency system in place, we are seeing a significant reduction in fuel bills.”

Mark Purdy
Operations Director
United Insulations Ltd

United Insulations Improves productivity by 15% and reduces fuel costs with Fleetinsight

United Insulations was established in 1991 and has grown to become one of the leading independent installers of thermal acoustic insulation solutions in the South East of England.

On a corporate level, United Insulations are also keen to ensure their values of energy efficiency for a greener future are instilled across the business in terms of energy and efficiency savings.

The Fleetinsight system was implemented by the United Insulations over three years ago. The company has a small fleet of Isuzu’s covering the South East of England from the Wash in the North, across to Reading in the West and down to Brighton in the South, delivering their services to construction companies, local authorities and domestic customers.

Mark Purdy Operations Director of United Insulations, recognised that the fleet was not being monitored efficiently and in some instances the location of vehicles was unknown. ‘Some of our installers were taking longer to arrive at certain locations than we had scheduled. We had no way of controlling this and needed a system to provide real-time location data for each of our 11 vehicles to ensure site visits were taking place at the right time,” said Mark.

“Our drivers see the Fleetinsight GPS Vehicle Tracking System as a significant improvement. On a day-to-day basis, more effective vehicle scheduling has resulted in improved customer service. Fuel costs are one of our biggest overheads but with Fleetinsight’s route efficiency system in place, we are seeing a significant reduction in fuel bills.”

Reporting is automatic and scheduled daily, which allows Mark to easily access information on driver timesheets and activity logs. Additional tools such as driver behaviour alerts can correctly identify which vehicle and driver is responsible should there be any accidents or speeding offences. Route mapping and allows Mark to monitor the time and distance travelled on specific site visits.
The benefits to United Insulations have been clear from day one. Since installing the Fleetinsight GPS Vehicle Tracking System the cost savings in Fuel across the fleet have more than covered the monthly investment and the company’s carbon footprint has also been significantly reduced.

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