Fleetinsight develop bespoke POD system for finished vehicle delivery specialist


Fleetinsight have created a bespoke POD (Proof of Delivery) System for DF Services, a nationwide vehicle transport and logistics organisation with an established reputation in the finished vehicle delivery market distributing well-known automotive brands such as Subaru and Honda to dealerships across the UK and Europe.

DF Services is a trusted delivery partner, but the organisation is always aware of the need to provide a consistent, high quality service to compete in the highly competitive world of finished vehicle logistics. The company recognised that development of a bespoke POD system would be instrumental in helping the company to and maintain deliver their objectives. Fleetinsight have successfully developed  a secure, accurate and cost-effective system which allows DF Services to notify customers of the status of their assets at any time during the dispatch and delivery process.

A fully integrated, cost-effective POD system
The POD system has full integration into the company’s back office management system and satisfies all their legal and compliance requirements. It is fully automatic with electronic data capture, and requires no additional hardware or intervention by the driver. The POD system integrates with the existing DF Services back-office to extract and send data during the dispatch and delivery process.

Real-time status of all deliveries any time, anywhere
By using the exact location of the vehicle transporter when it arrives at the distributor, the system verifies that the lorry is fully loaded, in this case with seven vehicles, and on the road. On arrival at the dealership, the system confirms vehicles have been delivered to the correct destination and that the transporter is en-route to the next dealership.

The system requires no cameras or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), which eliminates extra man hours spent scanning. The system is fully scalable and is able to track and monitor the dispatch and delivery of thousands of items making it an attractive alternative to other POD and ePOD systems which often require additional hardware and can be costly to implement.

Craig Arthur, Transport Quality Manager commented, “Fleetinsight’s integration of asset dispatch and delivery data into our customer’s back-end systems ensures that we are now able to give our dealer networks real-time status of their vehicle deliveries”.

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