Make your data work for you with fleet reporting tools

Whatever the size of your fleet, whether it’s cars, light commercials, HGVs or a mixture, Fleetinsight dashboards and reporting tools can help you manage a continuous improvement program across your fleet operations. Using GPS vehicle tracking data, the system will compare and report on the performance of your fleet and drivers against targets you set as well as using data for predictive purposes such as early maintenance alerts.

fleetinsight dashboards and reporting

Unlock your data with Fleetinsight’s real-time dynamic dashboards

You can select from a range of options to display high-level operational information relating to your fleet and driver performance. Fleetinsight’s Vehicle Tracking Dashboard delivers the key, high-level metrics that can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Fleet Reporting

Whatever size your fleet, whether its cars, vans or a mixture of both, Fleetinsight has the tools to help you measure and manage. Fleetinsight uses GPS vehicle tracking data to compare and report on the performance of the fleet against de­fined targets. It also uses the data for predictive maintenance by setting mileage based service and administration milestones for comprehensive fleet reporting.

Fleet Reporting Categories

  • Fleet Utilisation
  • Idling Analysis
  • Fleet Service & Driver Administration
  • Driver Health & Safety
  • Vehicle & Driver Activity
  • Driver Performance Grading
  • Route Efficiency Grading
  • Geo-fence Activity
  • Emissions reporting

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