Reduce time spent on your business mileage claims by as much as 90% per month with Fleetmiles mileage expenses capture

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Fleetmiles is an intuitive system that helps businesses to automate and manage mileage claims and expense records with 100% accuracy.

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  •   Easy to use for employers and drivers
  •   Simple interface for mobile or desktop
  •   App to capture and auto-submit receipts
  •   Non-reliant on dongles
  •   Automatic mileage capture
  •   Accurately captures 100% of journeys
  •   HMRC compliant for Business Records Checks
  •   Can be combined with fuel card data

Your organisation could be spending up to 20% more than necessary on fuel as a result of business mileage over-claiming. Fleetmiles is an easy to use system that can help your business to manage and control mileage expenses.

Designed for businesses with:

Company cars

Cash allowance drivers

Grey fleet drivers

Drivers in salary sacrifice schemes

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With Fleetmiles, drivers can access the system via a web platform to verify the automatically recorded business journeys. Specific HMRC mileage rates and mileage allowance will already be configured into the system. Ancillary expenses can also be added and submitted electronically. As an additional safeguard to privacy,

Fleetmiles gives drivers the option of defining their journey category via a dedicated business/private switch using a mobile app or web portal. Full reporting is available along with an accurate log of every individual journey. Fleetmiles also allows managers to audit fuel card data, and automatically calculate any personal mileage usage that must be repaid by drivers.

Capture and upload your receipts automatically and add to your claim.

Take advantage of our unique mobile app that allows drivers to claim for road tolls, parking fees and other miscellaneous business expenses and scan supporting receipts at the same time.

For more information about how Fleetmiles can save your business money and hours of needless paperwork, visit or call us on 01420 544514.