Pregem launches Fleetmiles Mileage Capture Solution

Pregem Computing Ltd have just launched Fleetmiles, a multi-platform mileage capture application that makes life a lot easier for drivers and companies to manage mileage expenses claims.

Fleetmiles is a robust mileage management system that allows drivers to mark journeys as business or private and submit claims using the website or our mobile App. For Administrators and Approvers it’s easy to approve or reject claims, review their status or drill down to individual claim detail. The system is fully maintained with the latest HMRC mileage rates but companies can override these and opt to use their own rates.

Fleetmiles also accepts fuel card billing data to net off business journeys and calculate the private use element to be reclaimed from driver.

A Fleetmiles App is also available for drivers on Android and iPhone meaning journeys can be marked or change the status of a journey or to scan receipts for related expenses.

Pete Gutteridge Managing Director of Pregem says “We’re delighted to bring Fleetmiles to market filling the gap for a more robust solution that’s not dependent on dongles or phones that drivers tend to lose or forget to plug. Our new App gives driver’s easy access anytime and anywhere to complete their claims which are now 100% accurate”.

Your organisation could be spending up to 25% more than necessary on paying mileage expenses as a result of over-claims, rounding up or even occasional fraud. For more information about how Fleetmiles could reduce your business costs and administration, call or email us today for more information or a free no-obligation trial. 
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