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Plant & equipment

Theft of plant and equipment continues to rise with over £70m worth taken in 2017. Much of this is probably exported or quickly stripped down, so the best chance of recovery is within the first 48 hours.

Thieves will often use detectors to look for tracking devices but. Because ours work differently to most others, they’re less likely to be found.


NFU Mutual reported a big 12% rise in rural crime in 2018 following a rise of 13% the previous year. Agricultural vehicle theft was also up by 26% over the previous year.  (NFU Mutual Rural Crime Report 2019)

In the same period, ATV and Quad bike thefts increased by 10%. As these are often kept in remote locations or barns, they make easy targets for thieves.

Commercial vehicles

Over 8,000 vehicles are stolen each month in the UK, that’s over 260 a day!  This forces up commercial insurance premiums and can create significant disruption businesses.

Losing a van full of tools or equipment will disrupt any business but for an SME or sole-trader, it could be far more serious.

Other assets

Almost any asset type can be protected and tracked including caravans, classic cars, freight containers, motorcycles, medical or civil engineering equipment, and boats. Please contact us for more details.

If you have something that needs protecting that we haven’t listed here, please contact us as we can probably help.


Asset Track is a Europe wide, asset protection and recovery service for everything from vehicles, trailers, engineering plant, and agricultural equipment.

Our devices can be hidden deep inside equipment, come with up to 4-years battery life and cannot be detected by thieves with GPS or network scanners.


We provide a full round the clock recovery service. If you do suffer a theft, report it to the police and get a crime number as soon as the device notifies you.

Then call our 24-hour hotline and we’ll start work.  Working with the police, we’ll arrange recovery from wherever it is.