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Tracking with video

A single windscreen mounted device that provides a 1080p video on demand. No SD cards or disks to remove or format, FNOL instant alerting to assess and manage any potential claims and protect your vehicles and drivers. Improve your insurance claims record by disputing any spurious claims and avoid 50/50 settlements with video evidence.

The camera comes as part of a full-featured vehicle tracking system, see your vehicles live on a map, know where they’ve been and when they’ll arrive along with driver performance metrics, speeding reports, geo-fencing, POIs and more.

Multi-camera systems

The system is scalable for up to 4 cameras with a combined forward facing dash-cam/tracker, optional rear, side and internal cameras and colour monitor for the driver.

Up to 10 days of video can be stored on the hub and requested through the user interface as required. There’s no fiddly data cards to remove, no wi-fi connections needed and no reformatting of disks ever unlike some other systems. Contact us now for a trial.