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Mileage Claims and Expenses Still Paper Based?

Are your mileage expense claims still manual or on spreadsheets? These are time-consuming and error-prone and can even leave you open to fraud.

Paper receipts can get lost, damaged and detached from the claim, but are essential if you’re going to recover the VAT element. Not keeping accurate records of journeys together with reasons could land you a visit from the tax inspector.

There is Another Way …

Automate Mileage Claims and Expenses

Fleetmiles uses a small device in the car to record journeys. Drivers mark these for business in an App and submit their mileage claims. Fleetmiles works for re-payments and private mileage reclaims if your company is providing fuel or credit cards.

Putting a tracking device into grey fleet vehicles is not always possible so our new Driver App automatically records the journeys and builds a mileage claim.